Race to Engage: The July 4th Edition

This contest is for people who consider themselves white allies against racism and who want to enhance their learning about:

1. how other white people look at racial issues
2. their own strengths and weaknesses in listening to views on race they may disagree with

Prize: Chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards

Task: Get the perspective from at least 10 white people about the relationship between racial progress and patriotism. 

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Ngozi Robinson
Question Guide for Race  to Engage: July 4 Edition

What is the relationship, if any, that you see between progress on racism and patriotism?

Your objective is to open this conversation – which might happen with one people or a few – in a way that is neutral and gives them room to express their opinion, which might very different than yours.

Remember: This is NOT about arguing

Your objective is not to argue with them, but to try to understand how they see this issue. If they ask for your opinion, you might give it, but try to avoid participating in an argument about who is right, even if they want to do that.

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Ngozi Robinson