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The resources on the subscriber part of the site are organized to allow curated to allow the project to give allies an extra level of services support, and connectivity to people who are using empathy-based methods to engage conversations about race. 

These resources include:

  • Guidance about the Praxis groups (on-going learning communities) that has not been published yet

  • Supplemental Video Content - that Praxis Groups can use to enhance their learning.

  • Engagement Lab (under development)– a place where ACT and subscribers will confer about guidance that is still being developing about new topics and experimental methods of engagement.

  • Discussion Threads - aimed at creating best practices for address specific statements

Thanks for your interest, and we will meet you on the other side of Subscriber wall with many goodies for your ally journey.

There are two types of Subscribers: 

Subscriber Membership ($75: includes White Ally Toolkit Workbook for $24.95) provides 1 year access to special Subscriber video content during and between meetings that enhance learning.  ACT will also review meetings summaries and give additional written feedback. 

Premium Subscriber Membership ($150: includes White Ally Toolkit Workbook for $24.95 and Discussion Group Leaders Guide for $29.95) provides 1 year access to Subscriber video content, and an ACT staff person will make a live electronic appearance (video conference or telephone during most meetings). In addition, the group leader can meet by telephone with ACT staff to make adjustments to the meeting plan as needs dictate. 

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