Race to Engage: The July 4th Edition

This contest is for people who consider themselves white allies against racism and who want to enhance their learning about:

  1. how other white people look at racial issues

  2. their own strengths and weaknesses in listening to views on race they may disagree with

Prize: Chance to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards

Task: Get the perspective from at least 10 white people about the relationship between racial progress and patriotism.

Their perspective can be solicited in one conversation with 10 people or 10 one on one conversations, or any combination of individual and group conversations. The goal is to engage 10 white people is a conversation within the broad topic: What is the relationship you see, if any, between progress on racism and patriotism?

Deadline: The contest closes on July 5th - at 12 midnight PST on Wednesday morning, when all the patriotic parties should be over.

A Key Condition:

The exchange between you and the subjects should NOT happen in a conversation that includes a person of color. Why? Two reasons: 1) This process is NOT about putting a POC on the spot, and 2) The task is to hear what white people think about the topic when they are NOT affected one way or another by the presence of a person of color.

To Help With The Conversation:

The submission form will include the overall topic question as well as specific questions prompts within the topic that might get positive exchanges between white folks who look at race differently.

To Enter The Contest: 

  • Although it is not required, we hope that you go to the White Ally Toolkit Facebook page (@whiteallytoolkit) and write “I am racing to engage” as a comment under the posting for the contest.
  • Have some white-on-white conversations about progress on racism and patriotism. We have some sample questions, but you don’t have to use those.
  • Feel fee to add to this discussion thread as you engage people. This adds momentum to the collective effort. If you want to submit a picture of the person you engaged, that would be tremendous.
  • When you have engaged 10 people and are ready to submit, do so using Surveymonkey.com

Submitting Your Entry Via Survey Monkey

  • Go to this link.

  • Answer all of the questions. (5-10 minutes)
  • Make sure you answer the question requesting your email address.

Winning The Contest

  • On July 5, the project will review the completed submission forms. There will be a random drawing from the completed submitted forms. Three winners will be selected.
  • Winners will be contacted via email, and a 5 minute Skype/Facetime call will be arranged. During the call, which will be recorded and put on the project website, the winners will talk about briefly about their experience.
  • The gift card will then be sent electronically to the winners.

Ngozi Robinson