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Thank you for making a Subscription to the Ally Conversation Toolkit part of your commitment to being a better anti-racism ally!

The purpose of this subscriber area is create a place where ACT and subscribers can work together to accelerate the size and effectiveness of the growing anti-racism ally community. By the project adding new content and the community of subscribers proving reflections, insights, and resources to each other, we can move more energetically toward to goal of our goal of reducing white skepticism that 

We hope you tell your ally colleagues about free part of the site, our Facebook page (“like” us, if you not already) and our YouTube page. But here, this Subscriber page is where we invite the subscribes to take the community of support up a few notches. Click the link to jump to the kind of resource that you want to access. So have at it, and let’s build this site indispensable for anyone wanting to boost their ally work. 

White Ally Toolkit Workbook
The White Ally Toolkit Workbook gives people concrete guidance about how to respond a wide variety of statements that racism-denying white folks make everyday. This publication is available free for subscribers.

Group Leaders Discussion Guide
In the fall of 2018, ACT released a Praxis Group guide for purchase. The Discussion Group Leaders Guide provides detailed instructions for a group leader to create an anti-racism ally learning community engaging The White Ally Toolkit Workbook, helping allies accelerate their learning to better influence people with racially problematic views. This publication is available free for subscribers. 

Curated Video Supplements
There is a growing library of professionally curated videos that are designed to help Subscribers understand the key concepts behind ACT and engage the exercises that will help their effectiveness. Some Praxis Groups will engage this content as a group during the meeting. Our Extended video commentary of the week will also appear in this section.

RACE Method: An Interactive Video Introduction (new!)
Released in November 2018, this course reviews the key elements of the RACE Method in a 50 minute course comprised of 6 separate videos, each with worksheets to help you apply the learning to your specific situation. The video course is priced at $47; subscribers have access for 50% off with the coupon code WATSUBSCRIBE.

Survive and Thrive Video Guide
Since its release in November 2017, and recently updated with 2018 content, this webinar (with useful worksheets) makes it possible for things to stay civil while not having to take politics completely off the holiday table. The video course is priced at $10; and is available free for subscribers.

Engagement Laboratory
ACT sometimes engages allies in engagement experiments in order to test new material before it appears in workbooks and video seminars. In this area, you can learn about these efforts, participate in them, and give feedback on these efforts. 

Discussion Forums to Connect to Other Subscribers!
A primary feature of the subscriber area is the set of discussion threads to the community of allies who are engaging the tools of the Ally conversation toolkit. There will be separate threads for:

  • Using White Ally Toolkit workbook

  • Discussion Groups  - including using the Leaders Guide

  • Compassionate Warrior Boot Camp

  • RACE Method Video Course

  • Alumni of Introductory Workshops