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Welcome Subscribers!

Thank you for making a Subscription to the Ally Conversation Toolkit part of your commitment to being a better anti-racism ally. We hope that you find the content of value to your ally journey. 

As you know, the Ally Conversation Toolkit maintains an active free site with many frequently updated resources to build the anti-racism ally movement; we have a youtube page too. On the Subscriber page, ACT takes the support of allies up a notch. Click the link to jump to the kind of resource that you want to access. 


Praxis Group Discussion Guides

In the fall of 2018, ACT will release a Praxis Group guide for purchase. While the full document is being formatted, we are making available the guides that will help groups get started with their first few monthly meetings. 


Curated Video Supplements

There is a growing library of professionally curated videos that are designed to help Subscribers understand the key concepts behind ACT and engage the exercises that will help their effectiveness. Some Praxis Groups will engage this content as a group during the meeting.


Engagement Laboratory

ACT sometimes engages allies in engagement experiments in order to test new material before it appears in workbooks and video seminars. In this area, you can learn about these efforts, participate in them, and give feedback on these efforts. 


Praxis Group Discussion Forum

These threads will be a place for praxis group participants to share their experiences and potentially benefit from what others are learning about the art and science of influencing racism skeptics.