Contextual Players have some handles to help them engage skeptic with
a good chance of having some impact. They often have some reasonable understanding of where skeptics are coming from, and usually are not overly triggered. Sometimes they are flummoxed by the skeptics’ response and sometimes they are triggered by it. Sometimes they stay centered and have an empathetic understanding, even though they think the skeptics are wrong. Many factors matter to both their internal reaction and their behavior, including their own mood and the setting,

Their behavior is highly dependent on what is happening inside of them, as well as factors in the situation. Overall though, like all of the other ally types, they often have little confidence that their engagement – when it does happen – will produce positive results.

To improve their effectiveness, Contextual Players can focus on the reflective work needed to engage more frequently as well as on the analytical work to make their engagements more effective. The good news for them is that because they have a mixed response both in their thoughts/ feelings and in their behaviors, they can look to themselves to find useful lessons that might help them boost their weaknesses.

For Emotions and Understanding

  1. For the situations in which you mostly understand and stay centered around racial skepticism, what are the keys reasons you are able to engage the way you do?

  2. What would have to happen to apply those lessons to when you don’t stay centered or don’t engage?

  3. What are the key differences between the situations that have to do with your thoughts and feelings, such as your level of compassion for the person, or your mood?

  4. What are the key differences between the situations that are outside of you, such as the behavior itself, the kinds of people present, your perceptions about skeptic, or other factors?

For Effectiveness

  1. What are my typical communication strategies? How effective am I at creating an encounter that feels authentic?

  2. If I knew I would be rewarded for increasing my effectiveness with skeptics, what would I change about when and how I engaged them?