Led by David Campt, PhD, author of The White Ally Toolkit Workbook. Dr. Campt is a nationally recognized expert in race relations and civic engagement. A dynamic and engaging speaker, facilitator and trainer, he teaches strategies for changing attitudes, behavior and group culture through dialogue.

JULY 13th 2019 - Coming to Charleston, South Carolina!

Do you sometimes struggle as a white person to respond in social or work situations when someone makes a racist comment or questions the reality of racism?

Dr. David Campt teaches very practical tools and techniques you can use in your daily practice as an ally.

Enroll now in this entertaining skills-based workshop and gain tools for honest and more effective conversations about race with white friends, relatives and neighbors.

Finally figure out the right way how to respond to people that don’t think racism is a serious thing we need to work on.

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Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019.
Times: 9:30am-4:30pm (morning & afternoon sessions)
Location: The Schoolhouse

Morning Orientation:
Gain the knowledge.

Morning time only

You will learn how to use the RACE Method during the morning orientation workshop. The RACE Method is an approach that anti-racism allies can take to trying to share their perspective with people who are skeptical that racism against people of color is a problem worthy of specific attention. It is based on principles from Non-violent communication and on findings from the science of persuasion. RACE stands for: Reflect, Ask, Connect, Expand.

Full Day Immersion:
Learn + Apply newskills


Morning + Lunch + Afternoon

First you learn about the tools to communicate effectively. Next you practice and grow experience using them!

Dr. Campt hand-on style of teaching allows you to go deeper and become effective in dealing with people that don’t think racism exists.

Lunch will be provided by a local black-owned caterer.

Meet Dr. Campt!
Exclusive Cocktail Event

Friday private cocktail event + Saturday + lunch

Limited VIP tickets are Full Day Immersion tickets + a private evening with Dr. Campt at a local venue with cocktails.

Getting to talk

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